Do you like oysters? We like oysters. A lot!

We’ve created the premier oyster guide and appreciation app to learn more about oysters! Whether you’re new to trying these wonderful bivalves or are an oyster connoisseur already, we’re here to enhance your eating adventure to slurp well and slurp responsibly!

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The Delectable Features

You'll have access to a robust database of oyster knowledge to perfectly accent your eating adventures. Whether you're at your favorite oyster bar or purchasing a few dozen for a special event, Oystour is a wonderful complement to all those fantastic bivalves you'll be enjoying.

What’s in the Shell?

So many goodies! You'll get the lowdown on all your favorite oysters. From flavor profiles, where the oysters are farmed, availability, and amazing fun facts, you'll have the best knowledge at your fingertips to further appreciate these delicious eats. Keep on slurping!

Learn More About the Perfect Food

The more you eat, the better!

Oysters are a wonderful part of the world. From their environmental benefits, to extremely sustainable farming methods, there are dozens and dozens of reasons to eat more oysters. Oystour is your personal concierge to take your oyster game to the next level!

It’s All About the Oyster Love

Whether you're wondering what oysters to order before you try them or saving your new favorite oyster you just tried, Oystour provides you with an exceptional and convenient way to keep track of all of your preferred oysters. There isn't a better way to slurp and skim through the oyster landscape!

  • Search 200+ East, West, Gulf, and International oysters!
  • local_dining Learn more with in-depth tasting profiles
  • Save, rate, and take notes on all your favorite oysters
  • See where all the best oyster events are taking place
  • Oyster 101 and Oyster Appreciation to up your oyster game

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Just when you thought slurping couldn’t get any better!